NMIXX’s Jinni Isn’t The First: 4 Other Former JYP Entertainment Idols That Left Their Group Soon After Debut

Two left only 5 months after debut.

Recently, NMIXX‘s Jinni shocked fans with her sudden departure from the group after just ten months since they first debuted. The departure of any member from a K-Pop group unexpectedly can be hard to wrap your head around, and it’s especially confusing when it’s so soon after they debuted with years of training spent beforehand. However, this isn’t the first time that an artist from JYP Entertainment has left so suddenly and without warning, and in fact, it’s not even the shortest period of time since an idol debuted. Here are four other former artists from the label that departed their group after only a brief time spent with them.

1. HyunA


Before HyunA became only a soloist, and before she joined Cube Entertainment‘s 4MINUTE, she was briefly a member of JYP Entertainment’s Wonder Girls. She debuted with the group on February 10, 2007 as the main rapper and dancer when she was just 14 years old. However, only five months later, it was announced that she would be leaving Wonder Girls on July 30 that same year, with the reason given that she was dealing with chronic gastroenteritis and her parents had encouraged her to leave in order to take care of her health.

2. Lim Junhyeok

Lim Junhyeok

Most people probably know DAY6 for their longest-running line-up of five members, but the group originally started with six, as their name suggests. Junhyeok debuted with DAY6 alongside the rest of the members on September 7, 2015, but like HyunA, it was only five months later that his sudden departure from the group was announced. On February 7, 2016, JYP Entertainment made the announcement and said it was due to “personal circumstances”, though it was later discovered that Junhyeok had allegedly been dating a fan, breaking the company’s dating ban.

3. Jay Park

Jay Park

Jay Park has undeniably had an incredibly successful career as a solo artist, but he got his start in the K-Pop industry at JYP Entertainment! On September 4, 2008, he debuted as the leader of 2PM and held the position for just a year before he left the group in September 2009. There are countless rumors about why he had to leave 2PM — some of which are much more ridiculous than others — and there has never really been a concrete explanation for his departure apart from being due to “issues with his private life”.

4. Kim Woojin

Kim Woojin | 10x Entertainment

Woojin’s removal from Stray Kids is probably one of the more well-known cases of a member leaving a JYP Entertainment group due to its more recent occurrence. After debuting with Stray Kids on March 25, 2018, Woojin spent a little over a year and a half with the group until October 2019. At that time, his departure from Stray Kids was announced unexpectedly, and to this day, as what seems common in these circumstances, his exact reason for leaving the group is unknown. The official reason given by JYP Entertainment is that he left due to “personal circumstances”, which of course could mean just about anything.

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