NMIXX’s Most Liked Instagram Posts To Date Are Dominated By Two Members

The top 3 posts have over 500k likes.

NMIXX‘s Instagram account, @nmixx_official, is used by the members to update fans and share photos of themselves. Each post garners thousands of “likes,” but some are so well-received, they already have half a million and counting!

Interestingly, two members—Haewon and Sullyoon—dominate the group’s most popular posts.

Haewon | @nmixx_official/Instagram
Sullyoon | @nmixx_official/Instagram

Starting with the photos that garnered over 400,000 likes, here are the most popular ones to date.

8. 404,000+

Just breaking through the 400,000 mark are these pictures of Sullyoon where she looks as sweet and stunning as ever!

| @nmixx_official/Instagram

7. 419,000+

Next, Haewon’s photos in front of the Show! Music Core wall were a sight to behold. Wearing a pale pink top with silver jewelry, she looked like a modern-day princess.

| @nmixx_official/Instagram

6. 434,000+

Haewon has never looked more fresh and playful than in this post. With over 434,000 likes, fans seem to agree!

| @nmixx_official/Instagram

5. 449,000+

In these photos, Haewon’s fierce expression caught fans’ attentions and made them hit the like button.

| @nmixx_official/Instagram

4. 465,000+

Like what many comments stated, Sullyoon looks every bit a princess and goddess in this white dress.

| @nmixx_official/Instagram

3. 503,000+

Moving on to posts with over 500,000 likes, fans couldn’t get over Haewon’s pouty lips as she sat on the ground, looking up at the camera.

| @nmixx_official/Instagram

2. 543,000+

If the previous photo was innocent, this one is hot! Haewon’s sultry expression and exposed midriff made this photo reach the page’s #2 spot.

| @nmixx_official/Instagram

1. 549,000+

And finally, here is the post that garnered the most likes on NMIXX’s Instagram page so far. Wearing a crop top and skinny jeans, Sullyoon proved why she’s one of this generation’s body goals.

| @nmixx_official/Instagram