10 Most Nonsensical Yet Catchy Lyrics From 2000-2010s K-Pop Songs

“I eat you up in a mouthful like cheese.”

Joined the K-Pop fandom just recently? Never heard of “Ring Ding Dong” in your entire life? Back when K-Pop did not have so much of a global audience, lyrics were all about making the song sound catchy. Here are 10 of the most nonsensical yet catchy lyrics in K-Pop that you might have missed out on.

1. “Amigo” by SHINee

This song is just filled with the most hilarious lyrics. The song’s melody is an entire gem though.

Here are some of our favorites.

Wow, it’s so cold, cold. The ice princess is here. But she’s so sexy.

— “Amigo”

Men who are empty on the inside, men who are show-offs. Don’t compare them with me, I’m a totally precious man.

— “Amigo”

2. “Hurricane Venus” by BoA

There’s really only one phrase that does it for us in this song.

Electronic Manic Supersonic Bionic Energy

— “Hurricane Venus”

In fact, it was so popular that many variety shows even used it for game corners where the player had to translate English phrases in K-Pop songs into Korean.

3. “Hello” by B.I.G

This was actually lowkey a super bop but the lyrics always make us cackle.

Hello, Nihao, Konichiwa, Shallam, Bonjour, Guten Tag. If you listen to our beat, what’s up, hello.

— “Hello”

4. “Clap” by Teen Top

Simple and repetitive, the song was the perfect example of a 2010s “hook song” which focused on repeating a single phrase to make it catchy.

I’m so crazy crazy crazy, clap clap clap clap mad man. Crazy crazy crazy, clap clap clap clap mad man.

— “Clap”

5. “Beautiful Target” by B1A4

Be honest, you’re not a real one if you haven’t “zoom zoomed your heart like a rocket“.

Oh my beautiful target, you zoom zoom my heart like a rocket.

— “Beautiful Target”

6. “Growl” by EXO

This was totally EXO’s shot to fame! They build up a steady fanbase with “Wolf” and hit it big with “Growl”. The school uniform concept was solidified by EXO as well.

Everyone, back away from her. Things are starting to get fierce. When I growl, growl, growl.

— “Growl”

7. “Wolf”

We had to talk about this one since we covered “Growl”. The lyrics were so er, artistic, that many fans were puzzled. We were sort of thankful we didn’t understand Korean back when this song first launched.

I felt it at once. I eat you up in a mouthful like cheese. Smelling your scent and savoring the color. I will eat you up more gracefully than wine. Ah, but my toenail suddenly loses strength and my appetite is gone.

— “Wolf”

8. “Mazeltov” by ZE:A

Maybe they just really liked girls?

Latin girl, Mexican girl, Korean girl, Japan girl

— “Mazeltov”

9. “NU ABO” by f(x)

Anything f(x) releases is golden but if we’re honest, we didn’t get the lyrics to some verses on this one. We get the concept of the song though —  “NU ABO” means a new blood type, generally referring to the unique and special girls!

Making up creative nicknames. For example, Goongi Soondi. If you like it, raise your hands. I’m really NU ABO.

— “NU ABO”

10. “A” by Rainbow

This has got to be one of the catchiest songs ever. Even if the hook line doesn’t make any sense, it falls off your tongue so smoothly.

Just your collection line, easy access line, A, A, A, A

— “A”

Are there any more of such lyrics you can think of?