The “Noona Can You Not Go To The Work Dinner?” Meme, As Done In Fansigns By 5 Male Idols

Anything for fans!

At virtual fansigns, fans will often ask idols to re-enact a trending meme or hashtag. Early on at these fansigns, the “baby will sleep now” meme was often re-enacted…

…but now it seems fangirls have now moved on to the “noona can you not go to the work dinner” meme. It consists of the idols reciting the lines, “noona can you not go to the work dinner? There’s other guys there!” in various tones and ways. Here’s how 5 male idols pull it off.

1. Joohoney (MONSTA X)

This fan asked him to recite it as a “sneaky younger guy”. The result, however, was hilarious.

2. Park Jihoon

Park Jihoon started off by telling the fan not to go but didn’t protest when she insisted that she had to.


What made it even more priceless was his uniform and costume.

4. Jeno (NCT)

Well, he wasn’t wrong when he said, “anyway everyone there will be ahjussis“.

5. Sungmin (CRAVITY)

Perhaps the funniest by far, Sungmin did what he was told but hurriedly added in, “you should go meet other guys” before the time ended.