Where Are They Now? The Original Lineup Of Project Group Z-Girls

They have grown up so much in the last 3 years!

Z-Girls debuted under the label ZMC in 2019. They are a project girl group with a brother group called Z-Boys, both of them being under an umbrella project called Z-Pop Dream. The vision behind these groups was to create global pop groups with borrowed elements of the standard K-Pop idol group structure. Z-Girls consisted of seven representative members from seven different Asian countries and started their career with the single “What You Waiting For.”

But as the pandemic hit, the members had to leave Seoul and return home. Between 2020 and 2021, the group came across many roadblocks. Their company ZMC was shut down, and they were transferred to a Singapore-based label called Divtone Entertainment. Due to the COVID travel restrictions, the members could not gather in one place, which delayed their comeback. Eventually, four of the seven girls left the group, leaving PriyankaQueen, and Vanya as the only existing members of Z-Girls.

Here is what the all original members of the group are up to now:

1. Carlyn (Philippines)

| zpopdream/Instagram

Carlyn was the leader of Z-Girls. Her decision to leave the group came quite suddenly when she announced her pregnancy last year and her plans to stay in Phillippines. She is currently a full-time mom, raising her baby girl Lakeisha with partner Von Ordona.

2. Bell (Thailand)

| zpopdream/Instagram

Bell left Z-Girls and Divtone Entertainment in October 2021. The official Z-Pop Dream Instagram handle announced her departure but didn’t mention the reason behind this decision. Though Bell hasn’t participated in any entertainment projects since then, she does have a very successful presence with 61,000 followers on Instagram. She still has an Artist account on Instagram, leaving room for anticipation that she might build a career in the near future.

3. Mahiro (Japan)

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Mahiro left Z-girls in May 2021 to pursue a solo career in Japan. Now she is signed under a label named Zest and recently released a digital single, “Nee.”

4. Joanne (Taiwan)

| zpopdream/Instagram

Joanne left Z-Girl in June 2020 due to health reasons. Post the announcement of her departure, Joanne seems to have disappeared from the public eye altogether, with no trace on any social media platform.

5. Priyanka (India)

| zpopdream/Instagram

Priyanka is currently in her hometown, Guwahati. While she waits for the further activities of Z-Girls, Priyanka has been working on promotional projects since early this year. She recently paired up with the Indian brand BoAt for their “FloAtverse” campaign and even had a metaverse performance for it.

6. Vanya (Indonesia)

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Vanya is also currently back in her hometown and has been very active as a YouTuber and an artist. She frequently posts song covers on her YouTube channel Zhavanya.

7. Queen (Vietnam)

| zpopdream/Instagram

After going back to Vietnam, Queen has been active as an artist as well. She has frequently paired up with brands for social media campaigns and is also a part of a dance crew called UGIRLS.

Despite having released only two singles, Z-Girls gathered quite a following across Asia. Many fans are still loyally waiting for the remaining members to make a comeback as a group. But their future as Z-Girls is still uncertain as of yet.