This Girl Group Has Fans Torn — Nobody Can Agree On The Visual

They’re all so gorgeous!

It’s near impossible for fans to agree on who is the designated visual member of OH MY GIRL. Every member is stunning in their own way and it makes it difficult to choose. Here are the top 4 picks from fans of which member should take the title of OH MY GIRL’s visual queen!

1. Arin

Arin may be the maknae of OH MY GIRL, but she boasts some ethereal visuals.

Originally, she had more of a childlike image and was adorable in a girly way.

After maturing, however, she reached goddess-level beauty.

Her GIFs often go viral amongst Korean fans, including this one below.

2. Jiho

Jiho is OH MY GIRL’s “endorphin,” which means she brings her energetic personality with her wherever she goes!

Jiho is often acknowledged for her “handsome” vibe.

This means she has a particular appeal to female fans who love her girl crush aura.

Her loveable personality, stunning beauty, and stage charisma make her a triple threat.

3. YooA

YooA is recognized for her porcelain doll-like beauty.

Her big eyes, pouty lips, and small face make her look like a fictional character!

Sometimes, the members of OH MY GIRL like to jokingly tease YooA for being so adorable.

If “cute” is your visual preference, there’s a 100% chance you’ll fall for YooA!

4. Binnie

The last member who is often brought up as a visual is Binnie.

She is known for her cute short hair during the earlier eras of OH MY GIRL.

Since then, however, her beauty continues to grow exponentially.

Binnie checks off every point on the visual checklist, with her small face and perfect proportions being the most notable!

In the end, it’s almost impossible to pick just one visual member of OH MY GIRL!

| @8_ohmygirl/Twiter