9 Hilariously Iconic Things OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee Did That Will Make You Stan Her

Try not to LOL.

OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee is known for her energetic personality and crazy sense of humor. She won’t hesitate to do something if she thinks it will cause a laugh…even if she gets some weird looks in return. Here are 9 times we fell for Seunghee’s madness.

1. The inventor of the Pikachu Beatbox.

2. This one speaks for itself.

3. Her expressions are just—



4. Her love of EDM is so strong, she won’t hesitate to bust it out at any moment.

5. Her random hilarious English IG comments to her members and friends.

6. Casually exposing her camera roll on stage.

7. Her genuine interactions with SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan about their childhood.

8. The way she treasures her fans. (Phone trans: “Thank you MIRACLE”)

9. Being unintentionally cute AF all the time.