Here Are 10+ Photos Of OH MY GIRL YooA’s Unreal Body Proportions

Netizens say her body is flawless.

OH MY GIRL’s YooA has it all: Doll-like visuals, amazing proportions, and a tiny waist. Here are 10+ photos of her body that’s praised by netizens.

1. YooA shows off her “ant waist” in her spring outfit.

2. She’s literally a human doll.

3. Even in jeans, her slim figure shows.

4. Crop tops do her justice.

5. This ‘fit gives her an edge, and still shows her model proportions.

6. WARNING: YooA stans, tread with caution.

7. She can also be innocent, though!

8. Only she can pull off a simple “t-shirt and shorts” look like this!

9. Even on the field, she slays.

10. She’s got just the right amount of curves.

11. Queen of crop tops.

12. Her legs look healthy and in-shape.