15 Times The Olympics Official Twitter Account Were The Biggest K-Pop Fans

They’ve been bitten by the K-Pop bug:

It’s officially been over a year since the 2018  Pyeongchang Winter Olympics but over the past year, the Olympics official Twitter account has proven that they’ve been bitten by the K-Pop bug and hard! Here’s a look at some of the moments they officially proved themselves to be the biggest fans of K-Pop.


1. When the geeked out of their #2 Olympic post of 2018


2. When they were more than happy to share the moment BTS was played while posting about the Olympics anniversary


3. And doing much the same for TWICE too!


4. When they were super excited to share their memories of Red Velvet


5. And they couldn’t forget about PSY either


6. That time they unveiled their #1 Olympic post of 2018 and really felt the “Power”


7. When they called NCT what we all know them to be…a legacy!


8. When they didn’t forget EXO Chen’s birthday


9. And they pulled out this gem in celebration for EXO Kai’s birthday


10. They didn’t forget to wish EXO’s D.O. a happy birthday either


11. And they didn’t forget EXO’s leader either!


12. They tweeted about EXO’s Chanyeol in 2018…


13. And the year before too!


14. Don’t worry they also gave some serious love to CL


15. And who could forget that one time they replied to FIFA’s Twitter account with this