10+ Relatable ONCE Reactions To TWICE’s First OT9 US Tour

We love seeing TWICE all together!

Finally, all 9 members of TWICE are touring the US together!

TWICE | @twicetagram/Instagram

Back in 2019 during the TWICELIGHTS tour, Mina did not tour with the group due to a battle with anxiety. Although Mina was absent, the members and ONCE found ways to include her in the tour by leaving spaces for her in photos and by changing their lightsticks to Mina’s color.

Jeongyeon recently returned from her own hiatus, and ONCEs were curious about whether or not she would be participating in TWICE’s III tour. On February 15, TWICE kicked off their tour, and Jeongyeon performed with the group, which marked the beginning of TWICE’s first OT9 tour in the US.

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Here are 10+ ONCE reactions to the triumphant start of TWICE’s first-ever OT9 US tour!

1. The TWICE members are prettiest when they’re all together

Every member looked so beautiful last night!

2. The choreography looks so great with all 9 members

We’re so happy to see TWICE’s full choreography formations again!

3. Shoutout to the lucky ONCEs who saw the first OT9 performance of “Cry for Me”

Imagine being this lucky!

4. We are so happy to see Jeongyeon back on stage again

We couldn’t be prouder of Jeongyeon!

5. Nothing beats OT9 choreography

“Fancy,” you will always be iconic!

6. Did we mention how proud we are of Jeongyeon?

She is so loved by ONCEs and the members! We’re so glad to see her performing again!

7. This tour was definitely worth the wait

TWICE absolutely killed it on opening night, and we can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us on the rest of the tour!

8. We stan 9 vocal queens

The vocals! We have no choice but to stan!

9. They’re all so beautiful

The members were positively glowing last night!

10. We can’t thank TWICE enough for their hard work

All the members give so much to their fans!

11. OT9 TWICE just hits different

It’s so great to see them all together!