That One OT7 Video: ARMYs Choose Their Favorite BTS Moments

What’s your favorite BTS memory?

A new trend is circulating Twitter, where ARMYs ask, “where is that one _______ video?”

ARMY @sexilarity on Twitter asked ARMYs for OT7 BTS videos, and they delivered.

Here are 10+ of ARMYs’ favorite OT7 BTS moments…

1. When they finally reunited after being separated during Run BTS!

2. BTS’s dance for “Telepathy” at Lotte Duty-Free Family Concert 2021

3. When RM created a chain accidentally

4. RUN choreography supremacy

5. When they celebrated Suga’s return from surgery and “Life Goes On” hitting #1 on Billboard chart

6. BTS 2017 MAMA’s red carpet

7. The Bon Voyage fan chant

8. This video perfectly shows BTS’s teamwork.

9. They were so immersed in this game.

10. This “Fake Love” intro is so iconic.

11. RM is really Nick Fury to BTS.

12. “Ma City” dances

13. This chaotic live broadcast

14. Not @ BTS slapping each other’s butts

15. The art that is the “Spine Breaker” MV

16. When BTS won their first Daesang

17. This wholesome In the SOOP 2 moment

18. BTS’s first fanmeeting

19. When BTS “hugged” ARMYs

What’s your favorite OT7 BTS video?


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