Music Shows Used To Shoot Outdoors And Here Are 6 Of The Most Iconic Locations

Do you remember any of these?

While most music shows nowadays host their recordings in studios, there was a time in the early 2010s where outdoor performances were very trendy. Stars went all over Korea for these special performances. Often, they would fit into the theme of the concept. For example, an innocent, girly concept would likely be shot in a garden, while a girl crush concept would be on a rooftop. Here are 6 iconic locations that were frequented by shoots.

1. Helipad

Girls’ Generation was one of the few groups that had the honor of shooting on a helipad.

It was not repeated often thanks to the hard work that goes into a helipad shoot. This is thanks to the natural elements like strong wind that makes filming hard.

2. Little Santorini

Sol Beach Samcheok Resort might be a little outdated now, but back then, it was known for being the Santorini of South Korea. Many summer concepts were filmed there, including Infinite‘s “In The Summer”.

3. Lotte World

A familiar name for many tourists! The park used to be open to music shows for special performances. Orange Caramel fit right in.

Girls’ Generation also filmed on their ice rink once.

4. Petit France

The cultural tourist village was once used to shoot for many music shows. Although now it is more meant for tourists to visit, it used to be teeming with locals who wanted to experience the architecture of Europe for a day. Rainbow filmed their famous “A” abs dance in front of the fountain.

Infinite also filmed “She’s Back” near a bakery.

5. Everland

South Korea’s most popular outdoor theme park is plenty spacious, so much so that every shoot looks a little different. SISTAR19 filmed under the arches in a garden.

f(x) performed “NU ABO” in front of the iconic tree in the central plaza.

6. Carribean Bay

Affectionately known as “Cabi” to locals, Girls’ Generation once serenaded a huge crowd in front of the water castle.

While it is a huge pity that music shows don’t do such outdoor shoots anymore due to the hassle and sound quality, you can look back on more interesting times with the compilation below.