Here Is The Recipe For “Jjapaguri” From The Movie “Parasite”

Don’t read this on an empty stomach.

The movie Parasite has made history by taking home multiple awards at the Oscars.

With that being said, here is a recipe on how to create the popular “Jjapaguri“, which was made during the rushed cooking scene in the movie. This is a recipe done by a YouTube channel named Jisun’s Kitchen and the whole video will be provided at the end.

The recipe is quite simple and is essentially a mix of two types of instant noodles, which are Neoguri and Chapagetti. The recipe from the movie also adds an additional ingredient, which is steak or any kind of beef cut.

Here are the steps.

1. Fill a pot with 1L of water

2. Mix both vegetable packets into the water

3. Cut beef into bite-sized cubes

4. Add olive oil to a hot pan and cook beef

5. Season beef while it’s cooking

6. Cook beef for around 1 minute each side

7. Once water is boiling, put in both noodles

8. Once noodles cook for 4 minutes, drain most of the water

9. Mix some of the seasoning packets

10. Add the beef to the noodles.

11. Enjoy!

Here is the full video below!