15 Photos Of Park Jihoon’s Most Boyfriend Material Airport Fashion

Outfit #4 will make your heart feel things.

Park Jihoon has his own unique sense of style but whatever he wears, he’s always boyfriend material. Here are 15 times his casual fashion made him look like the boy next door.

1. Prime boyfriend material right here.

2. He rocks bomber jackets like this one.

3. He also owns the classy look with some specs and a pea coat.

4. Cozy cute perfection!

5. He slays every outfit and always has an adorable detail like this keychain.

6. The all-black look was made for him.

7. A fuzzy chick.

8. He looks amazing in bright colors, too!

9. This look was one of his best.

10. He can’t be ignored at the airport when he’s dressed like this.

11. This is the perfect casual “comfy for the plane” look.

12. He’s born to be an idol with looks like this!

13. He just makes you happy when you look at him.

14. You have to be really handsome to make any outfit look perfect like this.

15. Jihoon’s casual fashion is everything!