6 Times Park Jihoon’s Outfit Was Too Cute To Handle

Is it even legal to be this cute?

Since his predebut days, Park Jihoon has been known for his unique sense of fashion. From mismatching neon shoelaces to ridiculously adorable onesies, Jihoon is never one to take the boring route when it comes to his outfits. Let’s have a look back on some of his cutest looks over the years that are “saved in our hearts” forever.

1. “Oh Little Girl” stage outfit

Jihoon’s striped shirt and red suspenders during Produce 101 Season 2 embodied his unique and vibrant style while on stage. The bonus aegyo only added to his cuteness and made fans everywhere swoon for the “Wink Boy.”

2. Overalls and apple hair

Nothing tugs at our heartstrings more than Jihoon’s grapefruit hair tied into “apple hair,” otherwise known as a small ponytail at the front of the head. Combine this with a pair of Tommy Hilfiger overalls and you’ve got yourself an adorable look!

3. “Nae maeum soge jeojang~”

Jihoon debuted his iconic aegyo catchphrase meaning “I saved you in my heart” while wearing this oversized sweater, beret, and dainty circular glasses.

4. Penguin Jihoon

Does this really need an explanation? It’s Park Jihoon. In a penguin onesie.

5. Mismatching shoelaces

Jihoon found ways to stand out in a sea of trainees despite wearing the same uniform as everyone else. Brightly colored shoelaces made him easy to remember, and not to mention showed his quirky cuteness!

6. Santa Jihoon

This past Christmas, Jihoon released a dance practice video for his song “360” while in a full Santa Claus suit and platinum hair. Maybe next year if we leave out some cookies and milk, he might just pay us a visit…

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