Try Not To Fangirl At Park Jihoon’s 20+ Sexiest Moments Ever

Men, if you’re not Park Jihoon, please try harder.

Check out some of Park Jihoon‘s hottest moments of all time and just try to not fall for his charms!

1. How to trigger a Jihoon stan in one second:

2. And I oop.

3. King of sexy, tan skin.

4. Meet the boyfriend of your dreams.

5. Seriously, this hairstyle was made for him.

6. Mom, I love him.

7. If you didn’t already fall for him, now you did.

8. The “Get Ugly” performance will go down in history.

9. Jeojang, but make it sexy.

10. This is just hot. Trust me.

11. The way he removes his jacket…

12. Is this behavior legal, Mr. Park?

13. Wink Boy has become Wink Man.





14. Wait for it. 👅

15. How does he look at the camera like he’s looking into your eyes?

16. This is the content I signed up for.

17. He breathed…but it was king behavior.

18. Again with the tongue.

19. Is this cute or hot? Maybe both.

20. God of the stage!

21. If my boyfriend doesn’t look like this, I want a refund.

22. Everything he does is iconic.

23. What a beautiful man.