10+ Times Park Jihoon Wore A Suit And Became The Boyfriend Of Your Dreams

Look #11 is just plain HOT.

Park Jihoon‘s baby face makes him super cute, but the moment he puts on a suit, his masculine vibes are through the roof. Check out these 10+ times he became incredibly handsome just by putting on a crisp suit.

1. CEO vibes.

2. What’s better than Jihoon in a suit? Jihoon in a suit with glasses.

3. Throw it back to the Produce 101 days.

4. Which Disney prince is this?

5. The cutest bunny.

6. He can get serious AF when he needs to.

7. Ladies and gentlemen, this is royalty.

8. His longer, messy hairstyle gives him just the right amount of edge.

9. He rocks any color blazer.

10. His straight-faced expression is super attractive.

11. Burn it up.

12. Boyfriend material at its finest!

13. I can’t believe he’s real.