Here Are The Parts Distribution For The Most Recent Songs From 8 Popular Girl Groups

Some are fair, some aren’t!

If you’re a K-Pop stan, one of the most frequently discussed topics are how fair or unfair part distribution is! Netizens have compiled the part distribution for each of these top girl groups’ recent comebacks. Take a look!

1. (G)I-DLE

Although they’re still relatively fresh in the game, (G)I-DLE is one group to watch. Their rising popularity has put them on the map. Leader Soyeon is in-charge of writing most of their title tracks. As the main rapper, she takes up a good portion of their recent hit, “DUMDi DUMDi”. Miyeon, their main vocal sings most of the chorus, making up a quarter of the song. Shuhua only sings 6.3% of the song, however.

| theqoo


Not shy, not me! ITZY’s “Not Shy” has quite a fair distribution amongst the five members, with Yeji taking the lead. While it looks rather fair overall, Yeji sings a good 8% more of the song compared to Ryujin.

| theqoo


Known for being an all-rounded group consisting of 3 great vocalists and 1 stunning rapper, it is only expected that their distribution be almost equal. As rap parts of songs are usually shorter, Moonbyul has the least lines with 20.6%.

| theqoo


GFRIEND’s latest hit, “Apple”, has quite a good distribution. Fans will be pleased to note that the members sing between 14.2 – 19.1% each. Not bad at all!

| theqoo

5. Red Velvet

“Psycho” was one of the best songs from the group – a pity they did not get to promote it much due to Wendy‘s accident. Seulgi sings a bulk of the song followed by main vocal Wendy. Yeri however, only sings a total of two lines, putting her at 9.9%.

| theqoo


Their latest song, “I CAN’T STOP ME” is finally out and the line distributions, although not quite fair, are to be expected. Nayeon takes 32% of the track followed by Jihyo with 19.5%. The rest of the members’ percentages remain in single digits.

| theqoo


One of the more satisfying distributions, the girls all sing a quarter of the song each, except for Rosé who’s given just a smidge more as the main vocal. She sings almost 10% more than Jisoo however.

| theqoo


Last but not least, IZ*ONE’s “Secret Story of the Swan”. With so many members, it’s hard to have a fair distribution. Yuri and Eunbi take the lead as the lead and main vocals.

| theqoo

What do fans think of this distribution? The year is still young – many more comebacks are up soon so perhaps we’ll be seeing a change in part distribution with the next title tracks.

Source: theqoo