Here Are 5 Songs Recommended By PENTAGON’s Kino To Help You Get Into The Vibe Of Spring

If you’re not hyped for spring, these songs will definitely help with that!

In a recent episode of UNBOXING, ASTRO‘s JinJin and PENTAGON‘s Kino sat down and shared their top songs that give off the spring vibe! The two individually shared their songs and JinJin shared his playlist first. Following JinJin’s top 5 spring songs, Kino shared his!

Here are 5 songs recommended by Kino that will help you get into the vibe of spring!

1. “You Are My Spring” — Sung Si Kyung

Hongseok and I are usually in the same mood in spring, so I asked him about his favorite spring songs and he recommended this song to me. So I listened to the song and figured it was definitely worth recommending.

— Kino

2. “Spring Snow” — PENTAGON

This song has a special story behind it. The year before the ‘Spring Snow’ came out, ‘Shine’ is the first song of ours that ranked in the top 100, and it climbed up the chart to 12th place. And when we were shooting the music video for the song in March, it was totally spring day, and then suddenly, it started snowing. It wasn’t forecasted or anything. We were so happy and excited. Snow in spring? Then that song became a hit, so the next year we were so happy from that memory, and we thought as the snow fell, it was happiness falling. So we called it ‘Spring Snow.’

— Kino


The song came out and the lyrics were so cute. And so spring-like. And so flowery. The song. It made me feel so good. I said that the weather was so good this morning. I listened to this song in the van on my way back to work.

— Kino

4. “Girl At The Coffee Shop” — BIG Naughty (also known as Seo Dong Hyun) Feat. Wonstein

It was produced by PEEJAY and features Wonstein. I think this song was inspired by Song Chang-Sik’s song, ‘Girl At The Tobacco Shop,’ and it samples those songs. It’s so fun. It’s so uplifting…Their voices are so good.

— Kino

5. “Square” — Yerin Baek

The song is so spring-like. This has a really famous video where she’s wearing a green dress. That video conveys her happy vibes, mood, and emotions. So it seemed like many people who watched that video felt really happy, including myself. So I recommend this song.

— Kino

Check out the JinJin and Kino’s Unboxing episode below!