People Are Shocked After Finding Out The Heights Of The X1 Members

Who’s the tallest member?

Produce X 101 recently ended and we were introduced to the members of the group X1. Fans have since checked in on how tall the members are and were shocked to find out just how tall the members are.

As a group, they have an average height of 177.6cm, with five members being over 180cm tall. Their tallest member is Cho Seungyeon with their shortest being Son Dongpyo.

Check out their heights below:

11. Son Dongpyo (DSP Media)

Height: 166cm

10. Kim Wooseok (TOP Media)

Height: 173cm

9. Song Hyungjoon (Starship Entertainment)

Height: 174cm

8. Lee Hangyul (MBK Entertainment)

Height: 176cm

7. Cha Junho (Woolim Entertainment)

Height: 178cm

6. Lee Eunsang (BRANDNEW MUSIC)

Height: 179cm

5. Nam Dohyun (MBK Entertainment)

Height: 180cm

4. Kim Yohan (OUI Entertainment)

Height: 181cm

3. Han Seungwoo (Plan A Entertainment)

Height: 182cm

2. Kang Minhee (Starship Entertainment)

Height: 182cm

1. Cho Seungyeon (Yuehua Entertainment)

Height: 183cm

Many were surprised at how tall Nam Dohyun is despite being the maknae of the group, with many dubbing him as the giant maknae.

Some fans said that due to Kim Wooseok‘s long legs, they had expected him to be taller. National Producers were shocked to find out that Song Hyungjoon was actually taller than him since he looks like a baby!

Some have also said that Son Dongpyo may be the shortest member of the group, but he’s still growing. Since the group has a 5 year contract, many believe that he will still grow taller and that he might even end up as tall as his hyungs!