10 Most Relatable Fan Reactions To The Hot & Dependable Unnie From Netflix’s “Physical: 100″—Wrestler Jang Eun Sil

Spoiler: #5 is too real.

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One of the biggest breakout stars from Netflix‘s newest reality show, Physical: 100, is undoubtedly female wrestler Jang Eun Sil. The national team representative gained fans from all over the world thanks to her cool personality, toned physique, and incredible leadership skills.

Jang Eun Sil | @sillllling/Instagram

Check out some of the most relatable reactions about her below!

1. Watching For The Plot

First up, there’s no denying that Eun Sil is the reason why many of us are watching the show.

2. Cool Confidence

We love how confident and positive she is no matter what challenges she faces!

3. Her Perseverance

Even if the odds are stacked against her, she always does her best.

4. Stronger Than Most

Fans can agree that Eun Sil’s strength should not be undermined.

5. Elimination Sadness

Spoiler alert—her elimination in Episode 6 hit hard for us all.

6. True Idols

The girls may not have won the show but they certainly won our hearts!

7. Someone To Be Proud Of

Women from all over the world are proud of her for representing them on the show.

8. A Holistic Woman

There’s no doubt that she’s strong not just physically but mentally, socially, and emotionally as well!

9. Always Memorable

After all, when it comes to her craft and being inherently cool, she’s got it!

10. The Real MVP

One thing is certain: Eun Sil made her mark in Physical: 100.

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