Take Your Pick: Which Character In “The World of The Married” Is The Most Evil?

Oh, this competition is fierce.

JTBC‘s controversial K-Drama The World of The Married has everything that fuels drama: love, lust, hate, betrayal, anger, despair, revenge, and even violence. Viewers have come to agree — it is an “absolute trash fire” and everyone in the series is messed up. Here are some of the most antagonistic characters viewers love to hate… but oh, the competition for the most evil is fierce. It won’t be easy to pick one over the other.

1. The Cheating Husband

Had he kept his ding dong in his pants… none of this would have happened. So does it make the cheating husband Lee Tae Oh (played by actor Park Hae Joon) the most evil character in the show? Possibly. But he isn’t the only one with issues, that’s for sure.

2. The Shameless Mistress

The mistress Yeo Da Kyung (played by actress Han So Hee) has no shame whatsoever about how she hulk smashed a family into pieces. In her book, nothing is really her fault — She only followed her heart. So can we forgive a snake that went after a married man?

3. The Unempathetic Son

New and rapidly rising on this list of evil humans is the son Lee Joon Young (played by actor Jeon Jin Seo). He saw with his two little eyes his own father kissing another woman. So why is it that he is constantly throwing pissy fits at his mother? No one can truly grasp why this boy isn’t 200% on the mother’s side.

4. The Double Spy

Dr. Seol Myung Sook (played by actress Chae Gook Hee) continues to drive the viewers over the edge with her sly “double spy” behavior in every episode. Her game is all about how to take advantage of everyone and every situation. “No one needs a pretentious b*tch like her“, said the viewers.

5. The Sleazy Accountant

Oh, here’s another male who can’t control his incessant need to be a cheating sleaze. The horny accountant Son Je Hyuk (played by actor Kim Young Min) wants to sleep with everyone but his wife — and his “act” of being a good man has viewers sick to their stomachs.

6. The Psychotic Boyfriend

Possibly the biggest villain the world of K-Drama has seen, the psychotic boyfriend Park In Gyu (played by actor Lee Hak Joo) has the viewers screaming in absolute frustration and rage every, single, episode. Just when it seems he can’t get any worse, he hits a new bottom. Is he the worst in The World of The Married? There’s a strong potential.