Meet The Final 7 Members Of PNATION’s First Boy Group To Debut From “LOUD”

Congratulations to PNATION’s first boy group!

After months of searching for the members of PNATION‘s first boy group on the survival show LOUDPSY has finally selected the final 7 members who will make up the label’s first endeavor into the world of K-Pop groups.

Here are the 7 lucky boys who will make up PNATION’s first ever boy group:

7. Jang Hyun Soo

With 26,362 votes, this 17 year old rapper won over PSY’s heart and earned PSY’s final wild card save to make the debut lineup. Hyun Soo is known for his “wild” side with his hobbies having been listed as farming, landscape photography, and illustration drawing.


When they asked they boys about their likes and dislikes, the charming farm boy in Hyun Soo came out when he replied that he loves money and hates fish. His MBTI is ENFP which is the most common personality across all trainees debuting from LOUD.

6. Choi Tae Hun

At 19 years old and with 33,576 votes, Tae Hun is considered an all rounder, but not in the usual K-Pop way. For his hobbies, he listed sports but then specified that he’s good at football, swimming, shooting, archery, and more, making him an athletic all rounder.


When it comes to his idol future, Tae Hun is a powerful dancer with a great voice which might come from his time as a trainee under The Black Label. His MBTI is ESFJ.

5. Cheon Jun Hyuk

16 year old Jun Hyuk captured 37,874 votes in the end but began his journey on LOUD with hopes of becoming a balladeer. Once PSY informed him of PNATION’s hip hop vibes, those dream quickly changed to match the vibe of his future home.


His hobbies include both drumming and basketball which might explain where his keen sense of rhythm and balance come from. His MBTI is ENFJ.

4. Eun Hwi

At 42,700 votes, Eun Hwi is a 16 year old rapper with unrivaled potential. Throughout the show, he demonstrated his skill for not only rapping, but also composing and arranging.


When asked about his likes, he admitted he likes midnight snacks (probably due to all the late night writing sessions). He also enjoys skiing from time to time. His MBTI personality is ENTP which makes him the only “T” in his group.

3. Oh Sung Jun

Sung Jun is a 16 year old who ended the show with 44,242 votes and a love for nunchucks. Outside of his martial arts prowess, he has a great voice that wowed over the course of the show.


When asked about his likes and dislikes, he simply said that he loves compute games but hates vegetables. His MBTI matches up with member Hyun Soo as they are both ENFPs.

2. Woo Kyung Jun

The incredibly charismatic 19 year old, Kyung Jun, ended the show in second place overall with an impressive 45,412 votes. That powerful energy was obvious from his performance of GD X TAEYANG‘s “Good Boy”.


On top of his stage presence, he has a talent for skateboarding, cello and English. That English fluency may just come from the decade he spent in Australia! He is the lone “I” for his MBTI as the groups ISFP.

1. Tanaka Koki

Placing first across all of the voting with 48,387 votes, is 12 year old Koki. This child K-Pop prodigy has been making news since his appearance on the show and for good reason.


While he may be young, his talent for dance is unmatched with him specializing in Krump dancing. His MBTI type is ESFP which is the second most common type amongst all trainees to debut from LOUD.


Congratulations to these 7 incredibly talented boys. We can’t wait to see what a K-Pop boy group will look like under PSY’s watchful direction. To see their final performance featuring their now labelmate, HyunA, check out the video below:

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