Here Are The Most Popular Digital Korean Songs Each Year From 2010-2019

Do you know all these iconic songs?

Listening to music digitally is becoming more common as the years go by due to the number of platforms available.

Every year, the Gaon Digital Chart provides rankings on what the most popular digital song of the year was by basing if off factors like downloads. The chart also compiles data from online-based music providers, such as Melon. Here are the 10 most popular songs from each year from 2010-2019.

2010: “Bad Girl Good Girl” (Miss A)

Aggregate score: 805,177,964

Yearly sales: 3,119,784

2011: “Roly Poly” (T-ara)

Aggregate score: 364,153,533

Yearly sales: 4,826,000

2012: “Gangnam Style” (PSY)

Aggregate score: 422,421,666

Yearly sales: 3,842,109

2013: “Gentleman” (PSY)

Aggregate score: 241,561,865

Yearly sales: 1,604,778

2014: “Some” (Soyou & JunggiGo)

Yearly sales: 2,212,895

2015: “Bang Bang Bang” (BIGBANG)

Yearly sales: 1,581,284

2016: “Cheer Up” (TWICE)

Yearly sales: 1,839,566

2017: “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow” (Ailee)

Yearly sales: 2,488,341

2018: “Love Scenario” (iKON)

Aggregate score: 1,232,928,610

2019: “If There Was Practice In Love” (Lim Jae Hyun)

Aggregate score: 942,146,327