Here Are 20+ Stunning Preppy Looks From BLACKPINK’s Jisoo That Captivated Everyone’s Attention

She looks gorgeous in any style!

Although Jisoo, JennieRosé, and Lisa of BLACKPINK come to make one powerful group, each member still has their own unique color and they often show it through their amazing style! Much like her classy and bubbly personality, Jisoo is often seen stunning everyone with a chic and preppy look!

Here 20+ times Jisoo’s preppy looks captivated everyone’s attention:

1. Attention, where about to get schooled in fashion by Jisoo!

If you want fashion advice from anyone, Jisoo is definitely a trustworthy teacher! Just looks at this adorable preppy look!

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

2. Simple and chic!

Jisoo knows how to turn a simple black skirt and red top into a cute look.

3. Jisoo even keeps her preppy style while modeling for Dior!

Dior couldn’t have chosen a better person than Jisoo to be their global ambassador!

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

4. Jisoo is out here killing us with her unbelievable visuals

Not only is Jisoo gorgeous, but her outfit as well! It’s edgy, pretty, and of course, preppy!

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

5. Jisoo in glasses

When Jisoo puts her glasses on you know she means business!

6. Jisoo is too cute for this world!

Even when wearing a masks, BLINKs can still feel Jisoo’s warm smile! Maybe she’s happy cause her outfit is too cute!

7. She’s ready to ace everything!

Jisoo would probably be that one girl in school that everyone wants to be friends with! Her smile and preppy plaid dress are absolutely lovely.


8. Lovesick Girls

Even with being lovesick, Jisoo still looks stunning!

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

9. Sophisticated Jisoo!

A blazer can turn any simple outfit into a chic one! With her glasses and backpack, Jisoo owns the preppy style trend!

10. Hello, yellow!

Jisoo definitely can pull of any color!


11. Jisoo is always all smiles

Along with her bright smile is her super cute look! Jisoo defintely looks like should pass for a preppy art student!

12. Peace out!

Jisoo clearly knows how to accessorize for a simple and preppy look!


13. The beret is everything!

A lot of K-Pop idols look amazing in berets, but Jisoo absolutely slays in them!


14. Pretty in pink

This outfit is giving off Mean Girl vibes! Except, Jisoo is a sweet artist who must be protected at all cost!


15. She’s edgy

The duality of Jisoo is incredible! She can go from cute and preppy to totally edgy and preppy!

16. Simple but stunning

Like I said, Jisoo’s duality is amazing! Just a second ago we got a bold and edgy Jisoo but now she’s simple and sweet.

17. There’s no color that she can’t pull off

Jisoo is bold in red! Don’t you love her big red boy and red lips!

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

18. Jisoo’s visuals are out of this world!

Just a jean and a cute cropped button down can be turned into a cute preppy outfit.


19. Jisoo’s charm is endless!

Everyone loves some cute suspenders for a totally preppy look!

20. Jisoo is always killing these pictorials!

No matter who she’s modeling for, Jisoo is always killing us with her goddess-like visuals.

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

21. Everyone has a special cardigan that goes with every outfit

She’s chic, sophisticated, and preppy!


22. She is glowing in white

Jisoo looks professional and powerful in white.

23. I love this look

Does everybody else love her mini backpack! It’s so cute! But not as cute as Jisoo of course!

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

24. Jisoo’s pigtail braids complete this look

Jisoo can pull off any outfit, color, and hairstyle.


25. Why is tweed so preppy!

Even Jisoo’s stage outfits show off her preppy style! Just look at her in this lovely tweed top and skirt!


26. Always representing Dior!

This dark toned outfit is both comfy and stylish! Loving her knit crop top and dior bag!

27. Jisoo is the definition of class

Jisoo is lovely in red and this matching set is preppy and gorgeous!

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram



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