Here Are The Prettiest Ways To Style Short Hair, As Seen On TWICE

Plus how Dahyun, Sana, and Tzuyu would look like with short hair!

Short hair isn’t the most popular hair length among female idols, but the TWICE members are proving that it’s more than worth a try!

Almost all of the members have rocked short hair in the past, and ONCEs even photoshopped it on the members who have never tried it before. Check them out below!

1. Nayeon

Like Nayeon, you can style your short hair in a half ponytail.

It also looks stunning when it’s wavy!

2. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon spices up her hair with wispy bangs that fall perfectly on her face.

Add a bit of volume to your hair and curl the ends to achieve this retro hairstyle.

3. Momo

Who ever said black was boring? Momo‘s short black hair always looks elegant and classy.

You can also try styling your hair with a cute little braid on one side.

4. Jihyo

If you want to look like Jihyo in this gif, consider parting your hair to one side.

Tucking your hair behind your ear is a simple way to emphasize your features.

5. Mina

Cop Mina‘s look by straightening your hair and tucking it behind your ear.

You might want to consider adding a slight wave to your hair.

6. Chaeyoung

If you’re on the more daring side, you can dye your hair blonde or any shade that contrasts your current one.

The truly adventurous may want to try this gorgeous multicolor style.

7. Sana (Wig)

Although Sana has yet to commit to very short hair, she did try it out when she wore this wig. One thing’s for certain—she looks amazing in it!

8. Dahyun (Photoshop)

A fan photoshopped these images of Dahyun with short hair, and it’s simple confirmation that it would totally suit her.

9. Tzuyu (Photoshop)

Like Dahyun, these pictures of Tzuyu were photoshopped by a fan. She would look incredibly fresh and youthful with short hair!

The TWICE members really know how to style short hair! Who else wants to see Sana, Dahyun, and Tzuyu rock it?

Source: theqoo