TWICE’s Nayeon Unexpectedly Photobombs BLACKPINK Rosé’s Latest Instagram Post

Nayeon, what are you doing there?

New TWICE and BLACKPINK crumbs are here!

On May 3, Rosé posted behind the scenes photos of her preparations for the Tiffany & Co. “Titan” collection launch.

Surprisingly, Nayeon was spotted in the bottom left corner of her third photo!


It was a casual photo of Nayeon wearing a hoodie over her head. The words “Yeowo hwaiting”—referring to one of her nicknames—were printed on a sticker and stuck on what is assumed to be the makeup artist’s eyeshadow palette.


The photo, after all, was taken when Rosé was having her makeup done.


Unsurprisingly, fans found the coincidence hilarious!

They joked that this is the kind of thing that would normally lead to dating rumors between the two artists.

This is not the first time this palette has made a public appearance. It was also seen in a selfie taken by fellow TWICE member Sana.

Nayeon is everywhere, alright!

Nayeon | @nayeonyny/Instagram
Source: Instagram


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