Here Is Where All 10 Former Members Of PRISTIN Are Now

Who else still misses this incredible group?

Though PRISTIN disbanded over 2 years ago, fans still mourn the loss of the promising group far too soon into their career, and understandably so. All ten of the members were very talented, and it’s likely that they would have been highly successful, if given the chance! Despite the break-up and controversy around it, some of the members decided to stay with Pledis Entertainment while others left to pursue different career paths. Here is what we know about what each of the ten members is doing today.

1. Nayoung

When PRISTIN’s disbandment was announced on May 24, 2019, it came with the announcement that Nayoung would be leaving the label as well. A few months later, on August 22, she signed an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency.

She began acting in 2020, starting with a supporting role in the K-Drama Flower of Evil and earning her first lead role in Summer Guys in 2021. She also made an appearance in the soundtrack for the latter in a song called “So So”, which was released on April 7. Since then, she has participated in other films, dramas, and OSTs, including playing a supporting role in the K-Drama Imitation along idols such as ATEEZ‘s Yunho and T-ara‘s Jiyeon.

Along with the other former members of I.O.I, Nayoung participated in their 5th debut anniversary reunion livestream on May 4, and most recently, she has participated in the musical I Loved You in August!

2. Roa

Like Nayoung, Roa (whose full name is Kim Minkyeung) also left Pledis Entertainment when the group disbanded. Later that year in October, she, along with former PRISTIN members EunwooRena (Yaebin), and Yuha (Gyeongwon) signed with OSR Entertainment and, along with a fifth member, Bada, formed HINAPIA and debuted on November 3.

Sadly, due to difficulties caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, HINAPIA didn’t last long, and ended up disbanding after only 9 months, along with the members terminating their contracts with the company. Since their disbandment, Roa (now using her full name) has focused on modeling, working with brands such as The Izzat New York.

3. Yuha

Like Roa, Yuha (now using the name Gyeongwon) also signed with OSR Entertainment and debuted with HINAPIA in 2019. When the group disbanded in August 2020, she, too, began a modeling career, working with brands such as ULKIN.

4. Eunwoo

Eunwoo followed along the same paths as Roa and Yuha, debuting with HINAPIA under OSR Entertainment. She has stayed relatively quiet since then as an independent idol, though she did release a photo album with Feelstage web pictorial back in August of this year. She’s also very active on her personal Instagram page!


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5. Rena

Rena (now going by her birthname, Kang Yaebin) was the final member of PRISTIN to join OSR Entertainment and HINAPIA. She, too, is now focusing on modeling, and also has an active social media presence on Instagram!


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6. Kyulkyung

Kyulkyung was one of three members that ended up keeping her contract with Pledis Entertainment after PRISTIN disbanded. Before they had disbanded, Kyulkyung (also going by her Chinese name, Jieqiong) had already had a solo debut in China with the digital single “Why”. After the group’s disbandment, her solo career continued with her performing OSTs for various Chinese dramas such as Miss Truth, in which she also made her acting debut in 2020.

She began acting in other Chinese dramas as well, such as the series Legend of Fei later in 2020 and taking the lead role in To Be With You in February of this year. Kyulkyung also joined I.O.I’s fifth anniversary reunion show earlier this year by video calling the rest of the members since she wasn’t in Korea at the time.

7. Yehana

Yehana, or Yewon as she is now known, was another one of the three members that stayed with Pledis Entertainment once PRISTIN disbanded. Despite this, however, she has pretty much entirely stayed out of the spotlight, though she can be found on her personal Instagram account!


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8. Sungyeon

Sungyeon, now going by her English name Shannon Bae, was the final member to remain with Pledis Entertainment after PRISTIN’s disbandment. A talented songwriter and composer, she has since helped in the production of other K-Pop groups’ songs, such as fromis_9!


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9. Xiyeon

Xiyeon left Pledis Entertainment when PRISTIN disbanded, and in May of 2020, she announced that she would be continuing her career as an actress with an independent film she was working on called Dieter Fighter (which later was featured at the 25th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in 2021).

In July of the same year, she made a contract with Soo Yeon Kang Entertainment as an actress, and she is also active on her personal Instagram account as well.


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10. Kyla

Finally, Kyla also terminated her contract with Pledis Entertainment when the group disbanded, and later that year in September 2019, she opened a YouTube account!

In May 2020, she announced that she would be releasing solo music, and came out with her debut mini-album Watch Me Glow on June 13. Currently, she’s also working on earning her degree in Psychology! She keeps friends and fans updated semi-regularly on her Instagram as well.


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