Professional K-Pop Hairstylist Shares Her Thoughts On EXO Sehun’s Famous “Parrot Hair”

Is this the best dye job the industry has seen?

Aside from revealing why makeup artists and hairstylists aren’t likely to date idols, hairstylist Go Seoyoon shared her thoughts on Sehun’s famous “parrot hair” in AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” YouTube series.

Sehun’s “parrot hair” is a rainbow hairstyle that is still very much remembered today. Even though other idols have done similar hairstyles, his is still the most colorful and vibrant one to date!

You either love it or hate it, but Go Seoyoon focused on the more technical aspect of the hairstyle. According to her, it is a very difficult hairstyle to do because of the many dyes that have to be placed meticulously on the hair.

This is a lot of work. They might have finished early because his hair is short.

When asked if she would dye the roots, she immediately knew that it would be too difficult to do.

I wouldn’t dye his roots. It’s black inside.

Because of how challenging it is to do, she hilariously requested that idols refrain from asking hairstylists to recreate it!

Don’t make us do this. It’s hard! This is a lot of work.

Do you think Sehun’s parrot hair is the best dye job in the history of K-Pop?

Source: AYO 에이요