8 Times TXT’s Yeonjun Proved He’s The Group’s Secret Foodie

TXT has another food blogger.

It’s no surprise that TXT‘s Soobin is a huge food-lover, especially since we all know how much he looks up to fellow-foodie BTS Jin.

However, there’s another member within TXT that shares the hobby of eating with their leader.

Even when J-Hope asked TXT if there were any foodies among the group, without hesitation, Soobin confessed that it was not just himself but also Yeonjun.

Here are 8 times that Yeonjun revealed himself to be TXT’s not-so-secret foodie.

1. When Yeonjun and Soobin were in awe of pancakes

Honestly, a tower of pancakes is enough to turn anyone into a foodie.

2. When Yeonjun joined the leader for a mukbang

Nothing brings people together more than food.

3. When Yeonjun turned TXT’s account into a mukbang channel

Doing a live broadcast is just another opportunity for Yeonjun to eat.

4. When Yeonjun tried to steal some of Soobin’s food

Unfortunately, it backfired on him as he ate a spicy pepper.

5. When Yeonjun ate a lemon

Although it was his punishment, the fact that he can actually eat a lemon is admirable!

6. When Yeonjun just wanted to eat his grandma’s cooking

He took to Weverse to share his cravings for his grandma’s cooking. Don’t worry– he finally got to eat some for Lunar New Year!

7. When Yeonjun posted food pictures on Weverse

Lately, TXT’s foodies have been posting pictures of delicious meals, low-key making Weverse into a food blog.

8. When Yeonjun was gifted jerky

Taehyun gave him jerky for his birthday and he was so excited to receive the gift!

For more foodie moments from TXT, check out the video below

Source: Tomorrow x Together/V LIVE