20+ ARMY Reactions To BTS And Coldplay’s “My Universe” Music Video That Are Beyond Relatable

Catch us going to the next BTS concert dressed as aliens.

BTS and British rock band Coldplay have finally released the official music video for their collaboration single “My Universe,” and it’s everything we could have dreamt of and more. It was exactly the Avengers-like visuals we were hoping for.

Here are 20+ ARMY reactions to the music video that are beyond relatable…

1. We finally saw the dance break in action!

2. It all makes sense

3. ARMY had a lot of thoughts about that one scene with J-Hope and his alien girlfriend

4. J-Hope x Doja Cat collab when?

5. J-Hope’s not the only one with an alien love interest

6. J-Hope knowing he was just minding his business and doing his job

7. We got our new fits for the upcoming concert ready

8. And the moves too…

9. Even in space, they’re the cutest

10. Suga owns space, honestly

11. The message was communicated so well

12. A truly magical collaboration

13. VAN cameo?!

14. Or are we these things?

15. RM had no right looking this fine; I’m sorry

16. BTS and Coldplay in the MCU, please

17. Chris was straight up vibing

18. It’s funny because it’s so true

19. Actor Jin stealing the show

20. We ready to start a revolution

21. Multifandom living the best life

22. Chris Martin’s vision really came to life

23. In space, Jimin is still a fashion icon

24. Our favorite rebel

25. Beyond iconic

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