ARMYs Are Comparing BTS And Coldplay’s “My Universe” Poster To “The Avengers,” And Now We Can’t Unsee It

This music video is going to be amazing!

BTS and Coldplay‘s music video for “My Universe” is dropping tonight, and we absolutely can’t wait to see it! The song is absolutely beautiful, and we’re 100% sure the music video will be a masterpiece, too!

BTS and Coldplay | @LouisVuitton/Twitter

Both groups recently shared the poster for the music video on Twitter. While the poster is gorgeous and definitely fits the song’s vibe, ARMYs can’t help but compare it to the posters for Marvel Entertainment‘s The Avengers films.

Poster for “My Universe” music video | @coldplay/Twitter

Both the “My Universe” and The Avengers‘ posters feature the stars over a space-inspired background, so the comparison totally makes sense.

Coldplay and BTS also struck heroic poses like the stars of The Avengers films!

The cinematic-looking poster also earned comparisons to Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy.

While BTS and Coldplay are (probably) not superheroes, fans are expecting the “My Universe” music video to be just as great as The Avengers movies!

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