4 Reasons Why BLACKPINK Jisoo’s “Flower” Blossomed Into A Mega Hit, According To Circle Chart Director

“BLACKPINK is absolutely untouchable.”

When Jisoo, the latest and final BLACKPINK member to go solo, released her debut track, “Flower,” fans couldn’t wait to see her unique talents take center stage. However, it’s not just fans who have been buzzing with excitement. Over the past month, Jisoo’s solo has become an international phenomenon, taking both South Korea and the rest of the world by storm.

What made “Flower” such a mega-hit? Here’s what Circle Chart Director Steve Choi had to say about the song’s popularity.

Jisoo for “Flower” | YG Entertainment

1. Emotional Touch

One of the key elements that made “Flower” a hit was its emotional connection with the Korean audience. Steve Choi shared that the song was “emotionally touching for Koreans to listen to.” According to the Circle Chart director, this is especially significant considering BLACKPINK’s recent chart performance.

Although BLACKPINK is truly the world’s top artist, they haven’t been able to rank at the top in domestic music charts for a while now. There were actually a lot of complaints mixed in with resentment about why this was happening in Korea, which happened with BLACKPINK’s latest album released last year.

— Steve Choi

BLACKPINK | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Jisoo’s heartfelt solo debut, however, struck a chord with fans and listeners alike, providing a refreshing change. According to Choi, the song reached the hearts of the Korean public and formed a connection with them — perhaps through its lyrics that tell the story of a woman who feels cheated and taken for granted in the relationship.

Jisoo for “Flower” | YG Entertainment

2. Wide Appeal

“Flower” also boasts a universal appeal, which played a pivotal role in its soaring popularity. Choi emphasized that the song is “suitable for people of all ages, from teenagers to adults.” The exciting beat, relatable lyrics, and addictive chorus all played a part in making this a favorite among different age groups and demographics. With its wide-ranging appeal, Jisoo’s solo debut managed to captivate a diverse audience, contributing to the track’s impressive chart performance.

Jisoo for “Flower” | SBS Inkigayo

3. Social Media

The strategic use of social media can’t be overlooked when discussing “Flower”‘s global impact. The Circle Chart director noted that the song appeared to be “tailored for social media platforms,” hinting at YG Entertainment’s foresight in planning the release. This clever approach, combined with Jisoo’s popularity, resulted in a powerful and engaging social media performance that fans across the world tuned into.


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♬ 꽃 – JISOO

4. Star Power

Finally, and unsurprisingly, the immense star power of both BLACKPINK and Jisoo herself played a crucial role in the song’s extraordinary success. The girl group’s unmatched presence in the industry made Jisoo’s solo debut even more impactful. Choi even said he hopes that BLACKPINK will always be with us in the future.

BLACKPINK is absolutely untouchable.

— Steve Choi

Jisoo for “Flower” | YG Entertainment
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