10 Reasons Why BTS’s V And Jungkook Should Not Be Allowed In The Kitchen

They didn’t choose the chef life, the chef life chose them.

Chef Jin‘s stress levels reached a new high in Episode 102 of Run BTS!, thanks to his “avatars”, and Jungkook. This dynamic duo is skilled at many things, but cooking isn’t high on the list. Here are 10 reasons why V and Jungkook should probably stay the heck out of Jin’s kitchen.

1. They have no idea how aprons work.

2. Sugar and salt look the same, so they must taste the same.

3. V needs knee pads to cook a stir fry…

4. …and Jungkook scalded himself while washing onions.

(Technically, this was V’s doing. He wanted to make sure the food was very clean!)

5. *buffering*

6. V’s cooking reputation might be worse than RM’s.

RM insisted that he was the better cook of the two. RM who, fans may recall, once tried to cut an onion with the dull side of a knife.

7. Utensils? Tools? No thanks. Jungkook can crush sesame seeds with his bare hands…

8. …but he can’t handle the pressure.

9. V told the chef in charge to pipe down…

10. …and Jungkook threatened to kill him.

Well. That escalated quickly!

For more, listen to Jin’s new “angry rap” here:

BTS Jin’s Stress Levels Reached A New High, Thanks To V And Jungkook