BTS Jin’s Stress Levels Reached A New High, Thanks To V And Jungkook

Jin’s patience was tested in the kitchen on “Run BTS!”.

Is your life too relaxing? Do want your blood pressure to hit the roof? Then try being Chef Jin for a day!

In Episode 102 of Run BTS!, BTS split into two teams led by Chef Jin and Chef Suga to compete in a game called “King of Avatar Cook”. Each chef had to direct two less-than-kitchen-savvy members through a recipe of their choosing.

Via a walkie talkie, Jin gave instructions to Jungkook, who relayed them to V, who did as he was told…

…and vice versa. Every two minutes, V and Jungkook switched roles, which added even more confusion at times.

The walkie talkie probably wasn’t necessary because Jin could be heard from the next room, shouting at the top of his lungs!

Jin is a hands-on kind of cook who would much rather do things himself, so this challenge completely stressed him out to the point where he threw in the towel…

…and started rap-ranting!

Fun fact: this fan set Jin’s “rap” to “UGH” and it matches the beat perfectly. (Rapper Jin, rise!)

In the end, the meal turned out well…

…but at what cost!