These Are The Reasons Why People Like Lee Jinhyuk, According To National Producers

He’s just so loveable.

Though Lee Jinhyuk originally debuted in UP10TION is 2015 under the stage name Wei, his popularity skyrocketed when he participated in Mnet‘s Produce X 101. From starting at #38 to reaching the finals at rank #14, these are the reasons why National Producers fell in love with Lee Jinhyuk.

1. His leadership

Fans were able to truly see Lee Jinhyuk and his capabilities during the position evaluations. Being the most experienced and capable member, he led the “Turtle Ship” team to greatness. Many saw how difficult it was for Jinhyuk since he had to teach his member show to rap and dance for the X position, but many loved how he never gave up on his members and persevered to the end.

2. His kind heart

Though unconfirmed, rumors went around that he was initially not going to join Produce X 101. Supposedly, only fellow UP10TION member Wooseok was going to participate. Upon hearing that he was going to be participating and representing TOP Media by himself, Jinhyuk volunteered to go with him.

In the show, he also became a father-figure for Maroo Entertainment‘s Lee Jinwoo. Jinwoo would continuously call him “Dad” during the show. The two developed such a close bond that when Lee Jinwoo was eliminated from the show, Lee Jinhyuk cried.

3. Clean visuals and amazing proportions

His visuals are top-notch! Many are saying he has a kind face, with visuals you can only find in animations. On top of that, Lee Jinhyuk previously made headlines for how insanely long his legs are and how he has model-like proportions.

4. Clean personality

On top of having squeaky-clean visuals, he also has a squeaky-clean personality. The idol doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink. Many are saying that he has a sunshine-like personality, which earned him the nickname “Baby Sun”!

5. His skills

As proven when he chose the X Position during the position evaluations, Jinhyuk can both dance and rap, and he does it incredibly well. Still, he doesn’t boast and is always willing to help others and teach them. That is the mark of someone genuinely skilled; when they are also able to teach others!

Source: Pann