8 Reasons To Stan BTS’s 8th Member, Yeontan

Star power? Puppy eyes? Famous friends? V’s dog has it all.

V‘s powerful pup Yeontan, aka BTS‘s 8th member, is easy to fall head over paws in love with. Here are 8 totally legitimate, entirely unbiased reasons why he deserves his own fandom!

1. He has better hair than you ever will

Ouch. Yes, the truth hurts, but no human’s hairdo can outmatch Yeontan’s natural fluff. He is the ultimate #FurGoals.

2. He has a larger than life personality…

3. …in a super smol body

4. “Wine-tan” always sees the glass as half full

He’s all about spreading wholeness, positivity, and puppy love!

5. He has kissed your bias at least once

Yeontan loves V’s BTS members almost as much as he loves V, and he’s not shy about showing it!

6. He is a master hugger, cuddler, and snuggler

Humans of the world, take notes!

7. He is the top dog when it comes to modeling and fashion

Vogue, come and collect your cover boy.

8. He is an all-around “good boy”, just like his dog-dad V

They’re a match made in heaven.