8 Reasons Why We’re Whipped For Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Why You Should Be Too

We joined the queue so you should too.

Self-quarantine got you on stan twt? Need a new boy group to stan? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got just the man for you! Stray Kids‘ leader, Bang Chan, is a multi-talented visual king. Here’s 8 reasons why we are absolutely whipped for the boy.

1. His duality

Bang Chan is a fluffy ball of sunshine off stage, but once he steps on stage, he goes full-on professional mode.

2. His long trainee period

Bang Chan was one of JYP Entertainment‘s longest training trainees, almost on par with TWICE‘s Jihyo who trained for 10 years. Bang Chan trained for 7 years from 2010 to 2017. It is no wonder he is close with the TWICE members. Here are the TWICE girls cheering him on for a trainee showcase.

3. He says the sweetest things

Famously, Bang Chan told fans on live stream that they are always there for fans and will be around as a listening ear. How many fans can brag about this of their idols?

4. His Aussie accent

The Australian accent is one of the sexiest things on the planet. Here’s him and his accent that totally makes us swoon. Here’s a compilation of his accent.

5. He writes songs and produces them

Bang Chan is so talented that he’s participated in songwriting, lyrics and producing for all of Stray Kids’ albums. One of our favorites that he did all three for is “Hellavator”. Take a listen whenever you’re feeling hopeless and down.

6. 3RACHA anyone?

No we’re not talking about the sauce, although this is equally as spicy. Bang Chan is part of 3RACHA, a rap unit (well, sort of) consisting of him, Changbin and Han from the team. Although they’ve released songs post debut, here is one of their predebut performances.

7. He swims

He’s extremely sporty! Bang Chan used to compete in swimming back in Australia, and his parents also own a complex. Check out his medals that his parents keep back at home.

8. His dance skills

Bang Chan took modern dance and ballet classes as a kid, and even performed in a ballet recital. However, since he’s not publicly shown off his ballet skills, we’ll have to settle for him dancing in a white shirt and leather pants to 2PM‘s “My House”. Perhaps life isn’t all that bad.

Still not yet convinced? Perhaps one of his fancams will do the trick for you!

While you’re at it, stream their music video for “My Pace” below.

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