Here Are 5 Reasons That’ll Strongly Convince You Why BTS’s Jungkook Will Be The Best Dad Ever

Can you imagine Jungkook doing #2 to his daughter someday? ARMYs’ hearts would melt!

When it comes to BTSJungkook is the group’s youngest member who’s usually pampered by his hyungs.

As the group’s maknae, Jungkook is sometimes treated as BTS’s youngest brother who loves to playfully tease Jimin

…cuddle with his friend V

…and get away with doing anything he wants to Suga.

Now, even though Jungkook’s the youngest in the group, this doesn’t mean he can’t be a great father someday. After all, he’s a caring and supportive person who loves to show affection to the people he loves…

…which also makes you think what he would be like in case he becomes a father in the future, right? Here are five convincing reasons that will make you realize why Jungkook will make the best dad someday:

1. Couple clothes with his children

Can you imagine the family photoshoots that he would willingly take with his children? How adorable!

2. Cute physical displays of affection for his little prince or princess

Jungkook believes that saying “I love you” is not enough — he believes in the need to show it, too, by engaging in adorable skinship with his future children.

3. He gives great hugs — and receives them well, too!

A great father is someone who’s dependable and who can comfort their children in times of hardships, so he needs to be “talented” in the art of hugs — and it seems like Jungkook’s already got this part perfected.

4. A son who loves his father will make a great dad in the future as well

Jungkook’s bond with his dad is strong…

…so it makes sense that his bond with his future children will be strong, too!

5. He already has the Dad-approved accessories with him

From wearing comfortable airport fashion…

…to carrying a camera bag that every dad owns…

…and using a “dad-like” phone case, Jungkook’s already got the accessories with him!

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