8 Recent And Fun Facts About TWICE’s Mina That You Might Not Know Yet

#5 was a genius answer!

Even if years have already passed since their debut, there’s still a lot that can be learned about TWICE. For interested fans, Mina recently answered several unique questions about her personal preferences.

In no particular order, check out her answers below!

1. Air conditioner during winter or heater during summer?

Mina chose the former, and her reason is very practical! When it’s cold, she can simply layer her clothes, but there’s nothing she can do to mitigate the heat.

Air conditioner during winter. When it’s hot, there’s nothing I can do, but I can layer more when I’m cold. I can put on a blanket or wear a padded jacket. I love the feeling of breeze on my face.

— Mina

2. Dipping french fries in soy sauce or dipping raw fish in ketchup?

Because of her love for ketchup, this question was an easy one for Mina.

Dipping raw fish in ketchup. I love ketchup. French fries with soy sauce would be too salty. Some people don’t even need condiments for their fries because it’s already salted. If you dip that in soy sauce, it would be too salty to eat.

— Mina

3. Soft drinks without carbonation or melted ice cream?

Mina had a hard time with this one, but she ultimately decided that both are bad.

Melted ice cream because soft drinks without carbonation are…Actually, they’re equally bad.

— Mina

4. Only having summer or only having winter?

Unlike the first question, this time Mina didn’t choose the cold. She explained that she’s the type to shower with hot water during the winter then hesitate to go out because of the cold.

Summer. I love Hawaii. I hate feeling cold after a shower, so I run hot water during the shower and worry about how I’ll go outside. I have to stop the water, but I can’t bring myself to do it. It’d be too cold, so I just stand there.

— Mina

5. Getting 1 billion KRW with 50% chance or just get 50 million KRW?

Mina has an impressive investor’s mindset! She chose 50 million KRW knowing that it will increase with time.

50 million. It could accumulate. The question didn’t say just one time.

— Mina

6. Not eating ramen forever or not drinking soft drinks forever?

This was another easy answer for Mina. She chose carbonated drinks because she hardly ever eats ramen to begin with.

Giving up ramen. I love carbonated drinks, and I rarely eat ramen.

— Mina

7. Meat forever or vegetables forever?

Mina laughingly chose meat without a moment’s hesitation, adding, “I love meat.

Meat forever. I love meat.

— Mina

8. Eating vomit-flavored tomato or tomato-flavored vomit?

Last but not the least, Mina couldn’t believe the rather unique question.  At the end, however, she picked vomit-flavored tomato because she’d rather not eat something that looks like vomit.

Vomit-flavored tomato. I can at least put it in my mouth. There’s no way of knowing what it tastes like until I put it in my mouth. Even if I knew about it, I could only imagine. It’d still look like a tomato, so I could put it in my mouth.

— Mina

Source: TWICE