10+ Times Red Velvet’s Bare Faces Proved They Don’t Need An Ounce Of Makeup To Be Visuals

Their “no-makeup” beauty can’t be denied!

Red Velvet slays any camera, both on and off stage. Here are 10+ times the girls looked equally as beautiful with their bare faces.

1. Irene’s bare face is just as doll-like.

2. Yeri doesn’t need a drop of makeup during rehearsals.

3. Wendy has innocent charms without makeup.

4. Seulgi’s natural skin glows!

5. Joy snuggles up and still has beautiful visuals.

6. Even up close, Irene’s visuals are jaw-dropping.

7. Seulgi and Wendy look cute and natural with fresh faces.

8. Yeri doesn’t need much to stand out.

9. Irene’s barefaced beauty can’t be denied.

10. Joy is as ethereal as ever.

11. Seulgi looks fresh-faced.

12. Wendy needs to drop her skincare routine, like, now.

13. All Yeri needs to be beautiful is her smile.

14. Bare face + specs = beautiful Irene.

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