10+ Fan Reactions To Red Velvet’s “Birthday” Music Video That Are Just Way Too Relatable

#4 is all of us 🀣

Red Velvet finally returned to the music scene with “Birthday,” a bright and fun song about giving someone an unforgettable birthday celebration. The five-member girl group gave it their all and fans were definitely appreciative!

Check out some of their most relatable reactions below.

1. First up, when Red Velvet never failed to deliver

2. When they kept us guessing their next move

3. When Irene’s visuals left us gasping

4. When Joy’s stare brought us to our knees

5. When Sweet Wendy became Hot Wendy and we could barely take it

6. When Seulgi could do everything

7. When Yeri captured our attention effortlessly

8. When Joy was dressed to impress

9. When Irene’s outfits were iconic already

10. When Wendy delivered her lines perfectly

11. When Yeri slayed from start to finish

12. When our hearts pinched at the sight of Seulgi

13. When fans loved the dorky parts of the MV

14. And when they were touched as well

Check out the full “Birthday” music video below if you have yet to see it!

Source: YouTube

Red Velvet

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