Here Are The Top 15 Times Red Velvet Slayed The Red Carpet

Do you agree that #1 is their best look of all time?

The members of Red Velvet all have their own amazing sense of style, but when they come together on the red carpet, they look even more incredible! Here are the top 15 times they shocked photographers with their stunning ensembles.

15. This color scheme and star pattern made them a cohesive unit on the red carpet.

14. Each member is chic in her own unique way.

13. Black doesn’t have to be basic, as proven by these looks!

12. These dresses show off their absolutely stunning proportions.

11. This throwback is classic with an edge.

10. Wild patterns look dazzling when they’re posing all together.

9. “Oh hello, we’re just some businesswomen who are here to slay this red carpet.”

8. Their stylists made some amazing choices this day!

7. Classic Red Velvet style.

6. This business casual feel was super cute and unexpected!

5. Just look at them!

4. Red Velvet in velvet? Yes, please.

3. Okay, they snapped here.

2. They look like ethereal Disney princesses in dreamy blue with glitter.

1. Each member’s look is the perfect combo of stunning, glamorous, and badass!

Red Velvet