Red Velvet Are All Gorgeous In Real Life, And These 10+ Unedited Photos Prove It

They’re all visuals.

The members of Red Velvet are as gorgeous in real life as you’d expect! No matter when, where, or how their photos are taken, their beauty shines through. They’re out of this world even in unedited pictures.

Check out the following photos as proof!

1. Seulgi

First up, Seulgi is truly more than just a great dancer. Her skin has no imperfections even when filters aren’t used and her charisma is ten times more notable in person.

It’s hard to look away from her eye-catching visuals!

2. Wendy

Main vocalist Wendy is just as gorgeous! She has a positive aura that stands out when you’re in her presence.

Her smile is the best part of her already-outstanding visuals.

Wendy (left) with Seulgi (center) and Irene (right)

3. Joy

Joy is definitely a joy to look at. She’s perfectly proportioned, like a model passing you by on the street.

Just being able to see her from afar is a blessing.

Her striking looks are incomparable!

4. Yeri

Maknae Yeri is even more stunning in person! She’s already captivating in edited photos, but the ones caught by simple phone cameras are just as appealing.

She’s the definition of “cute” and “lovely”.

5. Irene

Finally, when you say “idol”, Irene comes to mind! Her visuals have been praised far and wide—for good reason.

She can make every road a runway with her model-like beauty.

Who can deny that she’s a goddess in real life?

When it comes to visuals, K-Pop idols are something else!

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