10 Times Red Velvet Proved That Their Harmonies Are The Definition Of Ethereal

It’s hard to believe these are the voices of humans and not angels.

Red Velvet are always iconic, thanks to their unique concept, captivating charisma, and heavenly vocals. Whether it be a bright summer song, a dark R&B track, or an ethereal ballad, Red Velvet’s ability to master any genre of music proves their artistic capabilities. Red Velvet’s signature harmonies make their songs uniquely them, and these 10 moments of their impeccable harmonization prove that their Queendom will last forever.

1. “In My Dreams”

Red Velvet’s harmonies are absolutely dreamy.

2. “Goodbye”

Red Velvet’s powerful vocals and perfect harmonies were legendary even as rookies.


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3. H.O.T’s Kangta And Red Velvet Wendy And Seulgi’s “Doll”

Wendy and Seulgi‘s voices hold so much emotion, sending chills down everyone’s backs.

4. “Happy Birthday,” But Choir Version

It took Wendy two seconds to find the harmony and execute it flawlessly.

5. “Queendom”

Red Velvet’s Queendom is built upon strength, beauty, and harmonies.


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♬ Queendom – Red Velvet

6. A New Sound For Your Doorbell

The girls don’t even have to practice; they just say the harmony they’ll take and produce it perfectly.

7. The More Harmonies, The Better

There’s no such thing as too many harmonies with Red Velvet.

8. Their Harmonies Are Proof Of Their Hard Work

Red Velvet pour their souls into their music, which is why their songs are masterpieces.

9. “Milky Way” by BoA

Listening to Red Velvet’s vocals is like flying through the stars.

10. Improvised Perfection

Even the most impromptu and random harmonies are studio quality.


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