Here Are 9 Times Red Velvet’s Irene Rocked Bangs To Inspire You To Cut Your Own

Warning: Hide your craft scissors before reading to avoid rash decisions.

Red Velvet‘s Irene is so gorgeous, it’s hard not to be inspired by everything she does. Here are 9 times she showed her bangs off and made fans everywhere create a hairdressing appointment ASAP.

1. If this doesn’t make you pick up a pair of scissors, nothing will.

2. Full bangs with some face-framing layers are super girly.

3. All you need are a few choppy pieces to create the innocent look.

4. Cut a very small amount of hair for a dainty effect.

5. It goes well with her pitch-black locks.

6. Cutting a tiny amount of baby hairs is also trendy.

7. Some bangs peaking out of any hat or beret is totally adorable.

8. How about parting in the middle for the 5:5 look?

9. Maybe it’s best to get a professional to cut your hair like Irene!

Red Velvet