Red Velvet’s Irene Slays As The Ending Fairy Yet Again – Here’s Every Ending Of Hers From “Monster”

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Red Velvet‘s Irene is one of K-Pop’s iconic ending fairies, with her perfect visuals and ability to suit just about any concept at all! One of her most legendary endings moments as often decided upon by fans, is this one of her with purple hair during the “Russian Roulette” era.

ReVeluvs have updated their ending fairy collections with the recent round of promotions with I&S‘s “Monster”. The concept is one that is darker and sultrier than any other concept Red Velvet as a group, has tried before – and perhaps this is what makes Irene all the more attractive to fans. This concept was a chance for her to be styled closer to her real age as a woman in the late twenties. Here are her ending scenes in all 6 of her music show stages this promotional cycle.

1. July 10th’s Music Bank

Perhaps as this was the duo’s first live performance of “Monster”, Irene looked just a touch nervous. She still slayed the ending as usual despite being unused to a fiercer gaze befitting the concept.


2. July 17th’s Music Bank

During the second week of promotions, Irene changed up her look with an icy blonde wig! The new color brought fans to their knees.


3. July 11th’s Show! Music Core

We are loving this look on her! Dark hair, red lips and a lace choker is one of the best styling combinations to have been graced by her beauty.


4. July 18th’s Show! Music Core

The wig just keeps getting more natural-looking with each stage. The red mesh sleeves and the chained choker really make her look more devious and devil-like.


5. July 12th’s Inkigayo

The Victorian theme of the music video was really brought to life with the stiff beaded collar she sports. Fans loved her hair back the most, probably as it gave them a clearer look at her beautiful facial features. The hairstyle also made her look more severe, along with the vintage-style clothing.


6. July 19th’s Inkigayo

We would like to thank the stylists for giving us beret Irene. The beret helped the wig look better as well as keep it out of her face. This was their last stage for “Monster”, and Irene sure left no regrets behind with the way she slayed the ending.


Online communities were buzzing about her visuals as usual, with all of the comments praising her for her looks. Each and every day it seems, is her legendary era!

While we are sad to see “Monster” go, I&S will be making a comeback with their title track, “Naughty”. As we wait for the first live stage, check out their music video here.

Source: theqoo and Featured Image

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