Try Not To Laugh At Red Velvet Irene’s Top 10+ Hilarious Moments

#3 will make you WHEEZE.

Red Velvet’s Irene may look like an ethereal fairy, but somehow, her personality is even more special. Take a look at her top 10+ quirkiest and funniest moments where she made us laugh (whether intentionally or by mistake).

1. She said 👀.

2. When she could have sworn she saw a vicious dog.

3. She would sit in a whole other hemisphere if she could.

4. Her suggestion for combining the three girls’ names was…interesting.

5. Her power stance to deliver food to Mr. Elephant.

6. When she gave no F’s about her quirky dance moves.

7. They were told to do a sexy pose and she just—

8. Hulk-rene.

9. Irene’s hair has entered the chat.

10. “Ahhhh. Sorry.”

11. Sometimes you just get the giggles on stage.

12. Saving Wendy’s number? Not one of her priorities.

13. Irene needs her aesthetic pics.

14. “This game is boring.” *Two seconds later*


Source: YouTube (joohyunisabae)

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