Here Are The Top 7 Korean Fashion Tips To Dress Like Red Velvet’s Joy

You probably didn’t realize she ALWAYS follows tip #2.

Red Velvet’s Joy is a fashion icon and always looks put together. Want to dress like her? Check out the top 7 common themes among her casual outfits that you can incorporate into your own style!

1. Pea Coats

One of the most common pieces in Joy’s wardrobe is a pea coat.

Layering with pea coats can help to create a more structured, classy, and/or feminine feeling to an outfit.

They’re also super warm too!

2. Picking a Focal Point

Joy tends to center her outfit around one interesting feature and base her other pieces around that. From a statement windbreaker…

…to a trendy hat…

…to a shearling coat! All of these pieces steal the spotlight and make her outfit interesting.

3. Play with Denim

Joy is a lover of skinny jeans!

They emphasize her slender physique and give her a beautiful silhouette.

However, she’s recently gotten into the trend of baggy jeans, as well.

High waisted oversized denim with a crop top makes her waist look tiny (and it’s also super comfy)!

She experiments with different washes of denim, from black to light wash jeans.

4. Length

Joy often wears outfits that hit below the knee.

From dresses to coats, this look repetitively shows up in her casual fashion repertoire!

5. Find Your Color

Joy knows which color looks best on her. Can you guess what it is?

With Joy’s fair skin and dark hair, red makes her look elegant!

6. Cute Sneaks

The perfect finishing touches on Joy’s outfits are a cute pair of sneakers.

She wears them with jeans, skirts, and just about anything!

7. Mix It Up

Joy doesn’t stick to one specific style, which is what makes her style so great! From trendy…

…to girly…

…to classy! There’s no look she can’t pull off.

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