10+ Photos Of Red Velvet’s Joy Radiating Pure Joy On The Way To Work That Will Help You Start Your Day Right

#8 is just too cute!

Red Velvet‘s Joy stays true to her name! The K-Pop idol never fails to make fans smile with her positivity. This was especially noticeable each time she went to work, wearing a bright smile that was utterly contagious.

Check out examples of this below!

1. In a white cardigan

First up, Joy was all smiles when greeting the reporters and fans surrounding her.

2. While looking back

Her hair flip and smile made her even more breathtaking than usual.

3. With a heart pose

She made half a heart with her hand and stole our hearts as well.

4. When she waved goodbye

She has the kind of smile that can make anyone feel welcomed.

5. In an off-shoulder top

She can make anyone fall in love as well.

6. In a professional getup

Her job may be tiring but she still manages to look fresh and bubbly.

7. In a rider jacket

She can even make a sexy and cool outfit seem girl-next-door.

8. When she grinned

Her gummy smile is one of the most charming things about her.

9. When she sported red hair

This photo is iconic for a reason.

10. With a soft look

She can melt even the coldest of hearts with just one sweet glance.

11. When she wore a sundress

Her positivity is contagious.

12. And when the camera got this candid shot of her

Finally, Joy makes fans all over the world have a great day by simply being herself. She’s the happy pill they all need!

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